Why Everyone Is Looking For Offshore Software Development Services

Published: 17th October 2011
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Custom software development has become a necessity these days. Ready made solutions do not exactly cater to a business or individual's specific needs. Thus, every business or individual is looking to develop a custom solution today. And to develop a custom solution many of us are turning to offshore countries like India, Pakistan, China, Ukraine etc.

What is Offshore Software Development?

Offshore software development is nothing but outsourcing a software development task to a different country. Its popularity is rising as it helps in saving money and increasing international relations. Additionally, it also enables to focus on the core business areas without being bothered about the development task.

Save Dollars with Offshore Development:

As far as software development is concerned, India is the perfect offshore option. Here one can find many professional software development companies offering huge cost advantage. This is possible as the resources they hire work in the 30 percent rates compared to US and Europe. Most importantly the resources are experts in their fields and have loads of experience ensuring quality output.

Try Offshore Development for Variety:

Offshore development of your software offers you a lot of choices as well. You can choose to develop your solution in different technologies and for different domains. One can develop custom solutions in technologies like .NET, SharePoint, Java, PHP and more. At the same time the solutions can be developed for e-commerce, mobile, web, finance and many other domains.

One Stop Shop for a Complete Solution:

Most of the software development companies in India are one stop destination for a custom solution. They design the software, develop and even test it to ensure a perfect bug free functional solution. Not just that most of them also offer end-to-end tech support for the custom software developed. They generally have experienced UI designers, programmers and developers with an expert QA team.

Develop Solutions with Complete Transparency:

Developing software in India also allows you to have full control and transparency. You as a client are involved in the entire software development lifecycle. You can directly interact with the developers and designers and not just project managers. They offer you ad hoc releases and implement the changes you suggest immediately.

However, it is advisable to research properly and then hire a software developing company for best custom solution. One must check the developer company's website, experience, portfolio, expertise and market reputation before hiring one.

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